IntelligentForecast Features

The IntelligentForecast uses newly invented mathematicral methods to predicate the price trend of companies or forex, etc based on a finding mathematiclal patteren.

However, since the current market situation, we also implement a couple of event driven models to monitor if there are any critical events come up and response to our forecast results. IntelligentForecast Features include but not limited as listed below:

Real Time Forecast

Provide forecast on the current day. The forecast result will be updated and provided suggestion signal against the price since the market open in the day while monitoring any news event in the global and corportation level. It is extremely suitable for day traders who are targeting on immediate profit.

Short Term and Medium Term Forecast

Provide short term and medium term stock price predication with suggestion signal for financial professionals, active traders and investors.

Top rank stocks

Provide top 3 rank stocks weekly generated by our system for your investigation.

Forex forecast

Forex market is different from stock market, and with huge equity and longer trading time. We will provide forecast and analysis for most Australia dollars related pairs, e.g. AUDUSD, AUDJPY, etc.