Why use IntelligentForecast?

IntelligentForecast is a forecast system implemented based on advanced statistical methods and periodic stock price wave analysis. In addition, we have developed event driven models based on supervised learning methods to generate more accuracy results.

You can just use our service by a simple click and get suggestion signals directly without reading tons of technical charts, which is really save your time.


What is Suggestion Signal?

Suggestion Signal is an operation signal generated by IntelligentForecast to give you investment suggestions for the stock you search in short term and medium term. There are four signals, BUY, WEAK BUY, HOLD and SOLD.


Is IntelligentForecast currently free for use?

Yes, we design this system for our research purpose, and currently we offer this service free for use 7 days, 24 hours. However, it will be great if you can click our Google Sponsored Links to support our work.


What about if I lose money because of IntelligentForecast?

We provide forecasting service only for your investment investigation, we do not take any responsibilities for your personal investment. For any investment decisions you are going to make, please get advices from your financial advisers.


Why the forecast date is incorrect?

Yes, it is a known issue, our system currently can not recongize if next day is weekend or public holiday or not, and we will fix it as soon as possible. However, the forecast date is just for display purpose, our suggestion signal is generated based on the forecast price in the next few periods with our separate constraint models.


More questions?